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DreamBuilder Program

  • 12Weeks
  • 40Steps


This 12-week journey will empower you to reveal your dream, and then give you the confidence and clarity to achieve that dream. This is a proven and simple system that will transform your life and you will see daily results. Live the life you were meant to live by becoming a DreamBuilder. Everything you need is within you, let Maggie Lozoya help you unlock your potential. Every week you will join me for a new virtual class. Each lesson includes exercises for your insights, self discovery and self growth. Over the next few months you will work on creating a vision you are in love with and over-coming your limiting beliefs to help you achieve your dreams.  Ask me how you can join a weekly one hour Group Course or Private Coaching where you can have more support, inspiration, coaching and accountability to achieving your dream. Defining Your Dream Testing Your Dream Increasing Your Sense of Deserving Befriending Your Fear Activating the Law of Circulation Through Giving Changing Your Perceptions Setting Yourself Free Through the Practice of Forgiveness Listening to the Still, Small Voice Creating a Support System Training Your Mind: Changing the Channel Turning Failure from a Stumbling Block to a Stepping Stone Harvesting Your Dream

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DreamBuilder Program, $250.00


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